FMLY Matters

August 15, 2016

We the brothers of You People Reviews are proud to announce that we have launched our new fashion line, ‘FMLY Matters: For Money Love & Youth.’ The FMLY Matters brand combines our love of fashion and our undeniable duty to give back to our community. Our brand supports the concept of family. It is paramount that we strive to strengthen families as they are the foundation of what’s to come. In order for Families to succeed in our current society we must encourage profitable endeavors, we must establish loving relationships, and we must understand that the youth of today hold the key to tomorrow’s future. A portion of all sales will be contributed to our goal of family strengthening and empowerment. Through our partnerships with community leaders and non profit organizations who share our same focus, we will bring back families.

Check out the debut of the FMLY Matters brand at the Decks in the Park hosted pool party at Sisu this past weekend.


Olympic DAAAAYYY!!!!

August 4, 2016
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We don’t know about You People but around this time every four years we get super hype for the Summer Olympics! There’s nothing like watching the greatest athletes from across the world compete so intensely for the most coveted award in sports, the Olympic Gold Medal. As the opening ceremonies quickly approach, we hadn’t planned on being in Rio, where the games will take place this summer. However, we did make a trip to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to check out Olympic Day in Dallas. This event had something for everyone, games, activities, Olympic event demonstrations and also some competing Olympic hopefuls. This was a great way to hold us over until the official games begin. Honestly though, after seeing the athletes in action we low-key want to try our hand in fencing, lol. We will be definitely be tuned in to the opening ceremonies on Friday August 5th to kick off the Summer Olympics. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


Decks in the Park 2016

August 4, 2016

We realize that the summer will soon be coming to a close, but why not head to the end of the summer with a Bang!? It doesn’t get much better than closing out the summer with the Decks in the Park 2016 Summer Pool Edition at Sisu. Drinks, hookah, live performances at the top outdoor pool venue in Uptown Dallas, what more could you ask for? Now that we’re thinking about it we two actually have two things you could ask for. How about two free tickets to this epic end of summer event!? YPR will be in the building on August 13th at Sisu and we want You People to come hang out with us. Stay tuned to our Instagram page @youpeoplereviews over the next week where we will be providing you with all the information you need to win the free tickets. We’ll see you there!


Taco Cabana’s Party on the Patio hosted by: Stephanie G aka ‘Puro Pinche’

July 29, 2016
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We grew up on Taco Cabana, so this is right up our alley! Back in the day when our parents would bring home the family fajita dinner we would go Crazy. So needless to say, while TC bandwagon fans are welcome, we have been riding for quite some time now. If someone in Dallas told you that they have never been to Taco Cabana before, you’d call them a liar to their face, right? Well we met some first timers at this event, which we had no idea existed. TC’s happy hour is by far slept on by too many people. You can’t go wrong with $1.50 authentic margaritas. During this Puro Pinche hosted event TC introduced their new #Mangwhoa Margarita with the chile rim and Dallas is one of the first cities to get it. TC is also gearing up to bring back some household favorites which helped earn their reputation as one of the heaviest hitters in the game and also plan to introduce even more fun new drinks and dishes.

This was a well put together and fun event. Stephanie, the it girl in San Antonio, has formed a very productive partner ship with TC and was able to bring a few of the big shots from San Antonio with her to Dallas to launch the new #Mangwhoa Margarita. TC Executive Chef Andy Dismore was awesome and he provided some very cool insight to TC’s future. Andy also brought a food scientist with him, which we didn’t know was a thing, to discuss the improved quality of TC’s offerings. Steph also brought with her one of the top DJ’s in San Antonio, who kept the vibe at just the right notch all night. We ate, drank, and were merry. We left with some cool swag bags as well, our favorite item was the Taco Cabana hot sauce. You can never have too much hot sauce. Some of the top Dallas influencers were in attendance and we think they would agree that The it Girl in San Antonio is welcome back to the Big D anytime. Thanks Steph and Taco Cabana for an awesome event.


Don’t be a Stranger to Strangeways

July 16, 2016

Strangeways is a very cool low-key, what some would call, “dive bar” in the Greenville area. By many accounts this bar is said to have the best selection and best tasting beer in Dallas. We definitely enjoyed our time there. The bar has a laid back environment and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. It’s a bit of a hidden gem in Dallas, not many folks have jumped on the Strangeways bandwagon as of yet. The beer selection is out of this world, the food is equally awesome, and the chill vibe makes it the perfect spot to hangout and have drinks. We also hosted an episode of our happy hour series, ‘The Friday Pregame’, which is gaining huge popularity in Dallas. Check out our live recap of The Friday Pregame below and don’t be a stranger to Strangeways!


Unmatched Modern Luxury: Hotel ZaZa

July 13, 2016

Howdy “You People”, Colbz, one half of YPR, here to give you the low-down on one of my favorite homes away from home. The immaculate Hotel ZaZa. Located in the heart of Uptown this is one of the premiere boutique hotels in Dallas.

This hotel has everything you need and more. This is not your everyday hotel. I have stayed at the ZaZa a number of times and it has been for special occasions each stay. I have hosted Birthday parties, graduation parties ect. ZaZa sets itself apart from the rest with it’s creative rooms and extensive amenities. Each room at ZaZa posses a different theme which is is expressed through it’s layout and decor. For instance my favorite room is the “Photo Loft”, which is a loft style room that created the ambiance of being on the set of a photo shoot. Hotel ZaZa’s loft style and and bungalow rooms are perfect for having gatherings. These room are spacious and set apart from the main portion of the Hotel so you have no neighbors in these rooms, and no neighbors means no noise complaints. The amenities in these rooms are crazy, they come equipped with complimentary wi-fi connection, multiple flat screen TVs, an iPad that controls the room’s surround sound, lavish furniture, and much more.

When you do get a chance to check out ZaZa, when you book your room be sure to inquire about the “Stay & Play” Deal. This deal gives you a discount on the room and also allows you a free spa treatment at the hotel as well as food and drink coupons redeemable at the DragonFly, which is ZaZa’s upscale lounge. By the way, Dragonfly has amazingly delicious food, great drinks, and is an exceptional venue to both dine and party. During the Hot Texas Summers don’t forget to take a dip in the pool, which also has it’s own bar and is the ultimate oasis.

The bottom line is ZaZa is more than a hotel, it is an experience. Whether it be a romantic get-a-way, a low-key gathering, or a weekend full of fun Hotel ZaZa has got “You People” covered.


New Beginnings at Old Chicago

July 7, 2016
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Who doesn’t love pizza? Well we definitely do and we’re sure many of “You People” do too. Good news, we’ve found the perfect place to fulfill all of your pizza needs. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom will be your new “go-to” for pizza and brews and new locations seem to be popping up everywhere around the metroplex. We have visited the locations in Mockingbird Station, Fort Worth, and most recently in Cedar Hill. Old Chicago is now planning to open a location in Garland as well. This pizza joint has it all and is a great place to grab some drinks, eat and catch a game or even bring the entire family.


Piada Italian Street Food Comes to Texas

July 6, 2016
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Greeting “You People!” We have another Live Review to share with you guys and gals. This time we’re at Piada Italian Street Food which has recently made it’s way to the DFW area, and you’ll be so glad they did. We would describe Piada as tasty Italian food with a Chipotle flare. As you can imagine, it could get quite addictive. More and more Piada locations are popping up around the Metroplex. Our review was conducted at the Fort Worth Location during the preview to the Grand Opening. Check out the video footage our full live review of Piada Italian Street Food below.


A Hidden Gem in Dallas

July 5, 2016
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This Dallas Hidden Gem is located in the Harwood District. Marie Gabrielle is located off of the beaten path but very quaint and pristine. Marie’s is known for creating a visually stimulating dining experience. The outlook from the dining room is the 1.5 acre garden oasis viewed through the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows, which is amazing. The menu definitely has something for everyone. You will find yourself trying to chose between two or three meal options because they all sound so good. The restaurant offers traditional plates such as pastas, chicken, steak, and fish, just to name a few, however, just as Marie Gabrielle describes it’s food, it truly is, “An example of exquisite hand crafted cuisine.” Everything tastes so good and is also surprisingly reasonably priced.


The restaurant is only open for breakfast (7am-930am) and lunch (11am-2pm) and closed evenings and weekends for private events. Marie’s also has a cafeteria style section of the restaurant which is just as delicious. Be sure to check their website for the cafeteria weekly specials. Just so you know valet service is complimentary at Marie’s. Don’t forget to check out the garden either after or before you dine it is definitely something to see. Marie’s is the perfect spot for a lunch/brunch date during the week, or if you are off on Friday or Monday and enjoying a three day weekend, or if you have a client you are taking to lunch that you want to impress but keep it affordable


Many of us have missed out on this place because it is closed to the public during evenings and weekends; but if any of “You People” have or have had the opportunity to check out Marie’s let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


The Resurgence of Dallas Beer Kitchen

July 4, 2016
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Dallas Beer Kitchen has felt the impact the construction that has taken place in Lower Greenville, but is still standing strong. DBK has been able to not only survive but flourish due to its re-energized leadership, tasty dishes, and crazy good beer selection. We conducted a Live Review of DBK where we were able to get up close and personal with all that Dallas Beer Kitchen has to offer. DBK was also a stop along our acclaimed happy hour series, ‘The Friday Pregame’. Needless to say DBK is here to stay and worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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