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Piada Italian Street Food Comes to Texas

July 6, 2016
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Greeting “You People!” We have another Live Review to share with you guys and gals. This time we’re at Piada Italian Street Food which has recently made it’s way to the DFW area, and you’ll be so glad they did. We would describe Piada as tasty Italian food with a Chipotle flare. As you can imagine, it could get quite addictive. More and more Piada locations are popping up around the Metroplex. Our review was conducted at the Fort Worth Location during the preview to the Grand Opening. Check out the video footage our full live review of Piada Italian Street Food below.

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A Hidden Gem in Dallas

July 5, 2016
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This Dallas Hidden Gem is located in the Harwood District. Marie Gabrielle is located off of the beaten path but very quaint and pristine. Marie’s is known for creating a visually stimulating dining experience. The outlook from the dining room is the 1.5 acre garden oasis viewed through the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows, which is amazing. The menu definitely has something for everyone. You will find yourself trying to chose between two or three meal options because they all sound so good. The restaurant offers traditional plates such as pastas, chicken, steak, and fish, just to name a few, however, just as Marie Gabrielle describes it’s food, it truly is, “An example of exquisite hand crafted cuisine.” Everything tastes so good and is also surprisingly reasonably priced.


The restaurant is only open for breakfast (7am-930am) and lunch (11am-2pm) and closed evenings and weekends for private events. Marie’s also has a cafeteria style section of the restaurant which is just as delicious. Be sure to check their website for the cafeteria weekly specials. Just so you know valet service is complimentary at Marie’s. Don’t forget to check out the garden either after or before you dine it is definitely something to see. Marie’s is the perfect spot for a lunch/brunch date during the week, or if you are off on Friday or Monday and enjoying a three day weekend, or if you have a client you are taking to lunch that you want to impress but keep it affordable


Many of us have missed out on this place because it is closed to the public during evenings and weekends; but if any of “You People” have or have had the opportunity to check out Marie’s let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Resurgence of Dallas Beer Kitchen

July 4, 2016
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Dallas Beer Kitchen has felt the impact the construction that has taken place in Lower Greenville, but is still standing strong. DBK has been able to not only survive but flourish due to its re-energized leadership, tasty dishes, and crazy good beer selection. We conducted a Live Review of DBK where we were able to get up close and personal with all that Dallas Beer Kitchen has to offer. DBK was also a stop along our acclaimed happy hour series, ‘The Friday Pregame’. Needless to say DBK is here to stay and worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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Pizza & Moonshine? Yes Please!

July 4, 2016

We strongly urge “You People” to check out the pizza pub that calls Deep Ellum home, Stonedeck Pizza Pub. We thoroughly enjoyed the laid back, casual, yet hip atmosphere and vibe that oozes from the pub’s interior. We know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, that’s cool and all, but how’s the pizza?!” We’re so Glad you Asked! The pizza is delicious and the ingredients look, smell, and taste super fresh. These pies are definitely hand made and delivered to patrons straight from the oven. Not only is the pizza exceptional the drinks are impressive as well. Stonedeck specializes in craft distilled moonshine and American Craft Beer. The pub stocks over 125 exclusively American craft beers from across the country. The beer selection is pretty cool because it is focused on local breweries from various states around the country, which provides for a uniquely refreshing collection. We loved the pizza and enjoyed the large local selection of craft beers, but we’ll definitely be back to check out more of Stonedeck’s wide variety of moonshine. The moonshine is potent but very tasty. There are not many spots where you can hang out, eat pizza, and sip moonshine, if any. The waiters and waitresses are great. They are very welcoming, accommodating, and helpful. The pub has a good amount of seating, hip decor, a buzzing patio, great drinks, and oh yea, they DELIVER!

We plan to visit Stonedeck regularly in the future because of it’s many layers of enjoyment and it’s just plain ol’ good! “You People” take a trip to Stonedeck and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Dick’s Uptown Cafe: Where The Locals Meet (Bonus Review)

July 3, 2016

Dick’s located in Cedar Hill is your classic down home diner with a modern feel. Dick’s Uptown Cafe is a local favorite. Just about all of your classic breakfast/brunch dishes can be found on the menu here, from pancakes to hash-browns, eggs, and bacon with a few unique surprises mixed in as well. If you don’t make it for brunch the lunch menu is solid as well. Dick’s does not re-invent the wheel, but it does classic diner-type selections well. You really can’t go wrong at Dick’s. However, as you will notice, Brendan was not available for this episode of our Live Review so we would like to introduce to ‘You People’ our special guest, who did not share our same, shall we say, “Enthusiasm”. Check out out the Live Review Below.

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Restaurant + Bar + Lounge = A Majestic Good Time!

May 2, 2016

Henry’s Majestic definitely lives up to its name, it is indeed, Majestic. Henry’s is the perfect combination of bar, lounge, and restaurant. Sometimes you may head to a bar knowing that you may have to sacrifice the quality of food because you know the drinks are on point, you’re not in the mood for a stuffy “sit down” meal, or it’s just your go-to hang out spot. When visiting Henry’s “You People” do not have to sacrifice anything. The drinks are exquisitely made, the food is delectable, and the atmosphere is chic yet socially inviting. Henry’s simply has it all, if your looking for a hangout they’ve got you covered, literally. The covered and heated patio is equipped with a bar, large TVs and pool table. During our visit the patio was popping! There are two bars on the inside of Henry’s for those looking to chill and maybe catch a major sporting event or meet up with a few friends. To round it out Henry’s Majestic also has a dining area that would be perfect for a group dinner or even a one-on-one date night. We don’t say this often, but Henry’s got it, we are extremely impressed and cannot point out any drawbacks. Please, “You People”, do yourselves a favor and check out Henry’s Majestic. Once you’ve had the chance to be engulfed in the Majesty report back to us and let us know what you think.

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