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As brothers and founders of You People Reviews, LLC, we have begun a new Social Engagement Movement in Dallas, Texas. With a special focus on our featured reviews displaying the latest and greatest spots to EAT, PLAY, STAY, and HANG in the DFW Metroplex, we have created a substantial interactive reader base. We have expanded our reach to a variety of social happenings in Dallas; however our bread and butter remains to be our Live Reviews. We take pride in not only focusing on what is on our plate during our food reviews, but we take it a step further by exploring the culture of our city.
Okay, so we know what you’re thinking, What do you mean, You People?! We consider “You People” as anyone who desires to enhance their social experiences in Dallas. The term “You People” has been used throughout history as a means to divide and separate individuals who derive from different backgrounds. We strive to take such a negative connotation and flip it into a positive, which can in turn be used to encourage the increase of exposure for Dallas eateries and the diversity of social engagements around the Dallas area.

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